Old Home

Logos International Bible School opened its first class on May 10, 2016.
We are a Christian community basing our foundation on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our main mission is to train and equip people with skills to be able to live out the Christian faith in God honoring ways. Everything we do reflects God’s plan for restoring the world as seen in the the gospel of Jesus Christ and presented through the word of God and now being brought forth by the Holy Spirit.
Our courses are based on solid Bible teaching. As such our vision is to equip people to love and appreciate the word of God as a foundational tool for their lives.

ロゴス インターナショナル スクールは、2016年5月10日に最初の授業を開始しました。

News ニュース

Due to our current situation we are working on updating our Programs and Details. Please also check our Facebook page for more information.
From July 2021, we are planning to hold a special bible study.
This will be entirely free and will be held via Zoom.
If you are interested in signing up, please register now.

These bible studies are open to all who have a passion for the Bible and Jesus, but 1) don’t have anywhere to go to ask questions, or 2) need some guidance as to what all this means.
You will be able to share your questions and ideas in a safe environment to grow in your faith.